Thursday, January 6, 2011


You may think that veterinarians do not stress over the health of their own animals but we are probably the worst at it. Plus, we tend to adopt the charity cases that were about to be euthanized because they were sick, behaviorally challenged, or only walked on 3 legs.
My cats are relatively healthy thank goodness and thanks in part to today's visit to the hospital. Teo was there for a routine recheck ultrasound. He had cancer removed from his tail and leg about 2 years ago so I like to check his internal organs fairly regularly to make sure nothing has come back. He looked fantastic on ultrasound and much younger than his 14 years.
Ash, my 6 year old, had a dental cleaning. It is always nerve-wracking to have a patient under anesthesia and even worse when it is your own. We make it as safe as we can though, and he sailed through. He is now minus one tooth but still searching everywhere for food.
There definitely is a satisfaction to making sure everyone in your household is taken care of, especially when you have been putting it off for too long.

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