Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Despite my reluctance to be romantic, I had a rather wonderful Valentine's weekend. Most of it was spent with my parents, sister, niece and nephew. My sleepy better-half landed back in Seattle after his London vacay on Sunday night. I am hoping he got the desire to sit outside in freezing weather watching soccer match after soccer match out of his system; at least until we have kids.

Most of my weekend was spent eating. As a fan of good design and food I cannot pass up a well designed food. Spherical pancakes? Yes please! My family on my father's side is Danish and my grandmother made Ebelskivers for breakfast when I was little. She made it look easy but they are slightly intimidating. My sister finally got up the courage to test out the recipe and in just 2 Ebelskiving sessions we have become quite good. Next up: ebelskivers filled with cream cheese. Wish us luck!

Monday was a holiday for both me and the hubby so we ventured down to Ballard for some crepes. We got to Anita's Crepes around 10 am when it opened. As soon as we sat down they informed us that the night before was very busy and they were out of crepe batter. Someone was at the store purchasing ingredients to make more. I understand that Valentine's Day is a busy night for a crepe restaurant but no one could get to the store to buy eggs and flour before 10 am on a Monday? While we waited we sipped coffee and nibbled on the fruit and cheese plate. It was a good 45 minutes before crepes were served. The crepes were pretty yummy despite the bad taste in our mouth. I recommend the savory crepes. It was worth the wait if you have the time.

Later that day we decided to try happy hour at Serious Pie downtown. I have heard such good things about the pizza. Apparently everyone else in Seattle had the same great idea because the wait was an hour and we could not find a parking space anywhere. Changing plans we drove to Belltown where parking and happy hour options are more plentiful. No long waits and no crowds. List is a bar on First that has one of the best happy hours in Seattle. All the food on the menu is half off and a glass of wine is $3.75. Options include gnocchi in black truffle cream sauce, bacon wrapped Florida prawns, and tomato salad with gorgonzola. And the red blown glass chandeliers were delicious!

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  1. We've had Anita's crepes at the Bellevue farmer's market....they were good but I don't think I'd wait 45 minutes!